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Hemp Capsules, Hemp softgels, or Hemp pills; they go by many names. VESL OILS 15 mg Hemp Liquid Gels are one of the easiest methods of getting your daily Hemp, no matter your needs. The work of getting a consistent dose is already done for you, take out the guess work. There’s no measuring or math involved! Liquid Gels can be transported easier with no worry of spilling and ingested just as easy!


Hemp Capsules Contains 15mg of Hemp Extract per capsule

Contains 15mg of Hemp Extract per capsule | 30 total | contains < .3% THC

Our full spectrum Hemp Liquid Gels are in an easy-to-take, flavorless softgel. Each Liquid Gel contains a full terpene profile and broad spectrum of Hemp compounds. (15 mg of Hemp Extract per capsule)

The broad-spectrum of naturally occurring hemp compounds interact synergistically to create what is know as the entourage effect. The entourage effects may help enhance the holistic benefits of all the plants natural components. Moreover, the beneficial impact of our full spectrum, from flower, Hemp Liquid Gels are very helpful for long-term applications. Experience the VESL difference.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA

Contains 15mg of Hemp Extract per capsule

For adults:

take 2-4 Hemp Liquid Gels daily (one 4x a day or two 2x a day).


MCT Oil, Micro Emulsified Hemp Oil, gelatin

Why Our Customers Love Hemp Extract Liquid Gels

If you are searching for one of the most simple ways to get your daily hemp serving, it doesn’t get any more convenient than VESL liquid gels. Our customers buy hemp oil online to improve their daily lifestyle. Thousands of people nationwide trust in VESL OILS and know they getting one of the best hemp formulas on the market. Our belief in quality and integrity encompasses all aspects of our brand.

Full Spectrum Hemp liquid gels are simple — consistent —and easy!


What are some of the health benefits of Hemp Extract capsules?

The effects of Hemp extract are different for each and every person, you will not know how hemp capsules can help you until you try them. Most of our customers take one in the morning and one at night. Early research shows, Hemp oil capsules are a product which may help provide a sense of focus or balance, it may even hep with things like exercise recovery. Hemp Extract pills are the easiest way to consuming hemp, just take them like you would any other natural supplement.

Can Hemp capsules be used for pain relief?

Our Hemp Extract capsules are by far the easiest way to deliver the benefits of hemp on a daily basis, there is no measuring or guess-work here! Simply take our hemp pills like any natural supplement. Our customers use them for a variety of purposes and we get hundreds on reviews on their effectiveness. That being said, we have to remind you that none of our hemp oil products are intended to diagnose, treat, prevent, or cure any diseases or conditions.

Why should you try Hemp Extract Capsules?

Convenience, connivence, connivence!  Our Hemp Extract capsule are the best hemp oil capsules you can buy and they offer an easy way to get your daily hemp oil. Swallow with water, and you’re done…no guess work involved. If you are nervous about consuming hemp oil, these  can be takin in public and no-one will know what you are doing. If you don’t like the taste of hemp oil tincture, not to worry, this is the product for you! For our customers who no longer have a steady hand, unscrewing a dropper and measuring out a hemp tincture can be difficult. Our hemp capsules eliminate this process, we are constantly focused on providing everyone with an option for hemp oil.

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